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Bille, New Method for Double Bass

Part 1 Vol.1, ER 261
Part 1 Vol.2, ER 262
Part 1 Vol.3, ER 263
Part 1 Vol.4, ER 264
Part 2 Vol.4, ER 303
Part 2 Vol.5, ER 304
Part 2 Vol.6, ER 305
These methods cover basic to advanced technique and are suitable for all levels of students.  It is better to pick up some exercises for your needs, not everything.......

F. Simandl, New Method for Double Bass, Book 1 & 2

I studied these books while teenager.  These books are simply designed and easy to use, but it would be an old school method nowadays, especially the fingering.

Duncan McTier, Daily Exercise for Double Bass 

Only 4 pages! These exercises build up stamina and strength of your left hand, and  develop a good ear, a good hand shape, and good shifting.  I highly recommend.

Frederick Zimmermann, A Contemporary Concept of Bowing Technique for Double Bass.

A method for cross-string bowing technique, especially works well for German bow.  When facing some problem, his suggested practice procedure helps.

Eugen Levinson, The School of Agility

Scales and arpeggios in all keys.  Modern scale system.  I pick one or two scales and arpeggios for daily practice.  It totally opened my mind and changed how I approach music, phrase, and fingering.

Transcribed and Edited by Harold Robinson and George Vance, Strokin' (Sevicik School of Bowing Technique, op.2)

I recently started working on this book.  Many many variations. 

Hideki Sunaga, Daily Exercise for Double Bass

This is my daily exercise, including open strings, double stops, vomit, vibrato, one finger scale, and Bille style exercise.
You can down load here in PDF format.